Art and Exhibitions @ Victoria Forum

From the early stage of planning the Victoria Forum, a decision was taken to give a prominent place to arts and culture as a driver of social and economic change. The selected displays reflect on issues raised by the principal themes of the Victoria Forum. Exhibits featured during the Victoria Forum include ‘Together/Ensemble’, organized by the Aga Khan Foundation Canada and focusing on projects to reduce global poverty, and the Inter-Cultural Association’s, ‘I’ve not always been a Canadian’. Visitors to the photographic and digital presentations will also see the work being done by faculty and students in different academic units within the University. These range from the recording of the art of refugee children to the preservation of the cultural heritage of the Islamic world. The displays demonstrate powerfully the commitment of the University of Victoria to global engagement, cultural respect, and inclusive development.

Together: An exhibition on global development

Aga Khan Foundation Canada

Featured at this year’s Victoria Forum is Together: An exhibition on global development, an innovative, interactive and multi-sensory experience designed to spark conversations about the role that Canadians can play in reducing global poverty.

This unique, mobile exhibition is housed in a 53-foot, custom vehicle. With 1,000 square feet of exhibit space, Together transports visitors around the globe. The exhibition features powerful photography, film and audio that bring the individual stories behind global change to life as well as interactive components and unique objects that enable visitors to explore innovative solutions to global challenges. Visitors can uncover how they can build on their own skills and interests to take action; the overall goal of the Victoria Forum.

Presented by Aga Khan Foundation Canada, Together features the work of 21 Canadian organizations that are helping improve quality of life in the developing world. The exhibition is undertaken with financial support of the Government of Canada through Global Affairs Canada.

The Together mobile exhibit can be found in Parking Lot C at the University of Victoria.

Together: An exhibition on global development
Together: An exhibition on global development

I’ve not always been a Canadian

Inter-Cultural Association

The reality of fully embracing a Canadian identity can be daunting. We invite you to get an insight into what makes newcomers to Canada (those who have recently arrived to those who have been here for over 40 years) feel Canadian by visiting the Inter-Cultural Association of Greater Victoria’s Photo & Story Exhibition at the Victoria Forum. The goal of this year-long project was to broaden the idea of what it means to be Canadian and to facilitate a deeper understanding of our community’s cultural, ethnic, and religious diversity.

I’ve not always been a Canadian

Picture The World

UVic Global Engagement

This engaging exhibit showcases photographs taken by students who have gone abroad within the past year on a field school, exchange, study abroad or other UVic international activity. Their submissions were part of UVic Global Engagement’s Picture the World contest showcasing UVic students’ international experiences.

North Korean Refugee Art

Yeomyung School in Seoul, South Korea

The artworks presented in this exhibition were created by North Korean refugee students as part of an art therapy program at Yeomyung School in Seoul, South Korea. The School was set up in 2004 to address specific needs and challenges of North Korean refugee youths who had resettled in South Korea. The works tell the stories of the many experiences of fleeing North Korea and traveling across the border into China, and in some cases moving on to other Asian countries such as Thailand, Vietnam and Mongolia. What was seen by these students deeply affected their understanding of the outside world, countering much of North Korea’s political propaganda that had formed their ideas of reality.

The images were brought to the Centre for Asia-Pacific Initiatives by Dr. Shin J. Kang, Curator of the exhibition and were displayed at the 2017 CARFMS Conference, “Forgotten Corridors Global Displacement & the Politics of Engagement”, held at the University of Victoria.

Crossing Boundaries

B. Comm & MBA Students, University of Victoria

These photos were taken by our B.Com and MBA students while on academic exchange at one of our 83 partner universities in 39 countries. This year 80% of our B.Com students are participating in our exchange program.

The international experience that our students gain through these academic exchanges is a central facet of our educational philosophy and it transforms our students into truly global citizens. Our students serve as worthy ambassadors for the University of Victoria and Canada as they grow to meet the linguistic, cultural and academic challenges inherent in these experiences. We are proud of our students and delighted to highlight their international educational experience by showcasing some of their photos.

Understanding Past and Present: Perspectives on the Study of Islamic Art

Department of Art History and Visual Studies, University of Victoria

For more than forty years the University of Victoria has promoted the study of the art, architecture and archaeology of the Islamic world. This is an immensely rich and varied visual culture. Research conducted by faculty and students in the Department of Art History and Visual Studies (formerly History in Art) has taken in many parts of the Islamic world, including, Spain, North Africa, the Middle East, Central Asia, and the Indian Subcontinent. These studies have looked at objects, manuscripts, inscriptions, buildings, and urban planning, and have covered concepts as varied as mysticism, magic, royal authority, popular culture, and international trade. Many Islamic sites are threatened by warfare, targeted destruction, looting, and the pressure of urban expansion. These factors bring even greater relevance to the study of Islamic art and archaeology. This display highlights some of the important work now taking place.

Snapshots of UVic Co-op Students at Work

University of Victoria

UVic students are incredible agents of change—they contribute to community, embrace diverse perspectives and tackle challenges head on. We’re showcasing some of the ways that UVic co-operative education (co-op) students have contributed to diversity and inclusion work here in Victoria and around the world. Visit the photo exhibit to learn more, and check out photos for hundreds more.

Art and Archaeology in the Islamic World

University of Victoria

Find out about research being done at the University of Victoria on the art and archaeology of the Islamic world. Short videos highlight ongoing research in many areas, including Iran, Syria, Greece, Saudi Arabia, and Pakistan. The full version of this video will be shown in the arts and culture display held during the Victoria Forum, November 17 – 19.

Art and Archaeology in the Islamic World - Iran