Reconciling Ways of Knowing

Indigenous Knowledge and Science


Reconciling Ways of Knowing:
Indigenous Knowledge and


The Reconciling Ways of Knowing: Indigenous Knowledge and Science symposium provides a timely opportunity to build greater understanding between the Western scientific and Indigenous knowledge paradigms, to better incorporate Indigenous knowledge into stewardship policy and decision-making processes; ensure the ability of our lands, waters, and resources to provide for us now and for generations to come; and build a relationship amongst Indigenous Peoples and Canada in which the different ways of being and knowing are equitably recognized and respected and better positioned to work together for mutual benefit into the future. Find out more.

Speakers and

A significant factor in this event’s tremendous success is its appeal to leaders from so many different disciplines.

The conference will draw a national audience of local elected officials and city and county staff; state and federal agency leaders; professionals in planning, transportation, public health, landscape architecture, architecture, public works, parks and recreation, and crime prevention and the arts; realtors, developers, builders and bankers; advocates for equity and environmental justice, youth, older adults, and walking and biking; labor representatives; school leaders and staff; environmentalists; and all others committed to building safer, healthier and more livable communities everywhere.



David Suzuki

award-winning geneticist

Broadcaster and co-founder of the David Suzuki Foundation.

Dr. Nancy Turner

Emeritus Professor

An ethnobotanist whose research integrates the fields of botany and ecology with anthropology, geography and linguistics, among others. 

Dr. David Schindler


Professor of Ecology in the Department of Biological Sciences

Dr. Gregory Cajete

author and professor

Dr. Gregory Cajete from the University of New Mexico, Native American Studies.

Nii Gaani Aki Inini (Dave Courchene Jr.)

Aboriginal Circle of Educators Award; and International Indigenous Leadership Award. →

Miles Richardson

a prominent Indigenous leader

Brings an extensive background in Indigenous and Canadian government relations.

Winona LaDuke

internationally activist

Works nationally and internationally on the issues of climate change ...

Mi’kmaq Elder Albert Marshall

from the Institute for Integrative Science and Health

Discussion Forums

Along with our keynote speakers, Scientia will host a variety of discussion groups to discuss timely topics. These topics will span across species management, climate and energy, governance, land use and marine planning, education and food security.

  • Elder’s Forum
  • Land Use Planning
  • Marine Use Planning
  • Law & Governance
    • Renewable Energy
    • Food Security
    • Building Sustainable Economies
    • Education and Knowledge Sharing