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Previous forums have provided a space for thought provoking discussions on many divisive issues in the world today. In an increasingly polarized world, it’s vital to grasp the factors dividing us and work towards unity. Despite current divisions, hope remains in our ability to collaborate and bridge differences, forging a stronger, more cohesive global community. 


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Previous Themes

Victoria Forum 2022

Bridging Divides: Turf, Truth & Trust

The 2022 Victoria Forum offered valuable insights into pressing issues today, arising from economic, social and environmental challenges, viewed through the perspectives of Turf, Truth and Trust. Collaborative initiatives included finalizing the Lək̓ʷəŋən Sport Declaration on Truth, Reconciliation and Partnership together with Indigenous peoples and the Commonwealth Games Federation, as well as hosting a global essay competition for students in partnership with the Global Business School Network.

Victoria Forum 2020

Bridging Divides in the Wake of a Global Pandemic

The Virtual Victoria Forum 2020, along with the webinar series in 2021, aimed at understanding and developing solutions for the long term implications of the pandemic. Specifically, the Forum addressed the impact of the pandemic on economic, social and environmental divides. Webinars in 2021 addressed bridging divides through the lenses of Turf, Truth & Trust.

Victoria Forum 2017

Canada @150: Promoting Diversity & Inclusion

With the emergence of populist agendas and declining trust in our key institutions, there have been global trends towards increasing protectionism and anxiety about migration. In 2017 the Victoria Forum challenged this narrative by highlighting the benefits of diversity, openness and inclusiveness.

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