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The Victoria Forum 2024 - Building Trust for a Shared Future


Our Commitment to Advancing the UN SDGs.


Our commitment to Advancing the UN SDGs.

Building Bridges to Sustainable Development through Trust and Collaboration.

 It is often said that collaboration proceeds at the speed of trust. In addition to supporting work on many individual SDGs, we look forward to hosting conversations and collaborations around SDG 16 and 17 specifically.

SDG 16 - Promoting peaceful and inclusive societies for sustainable development

Forging successful transitions over the next decade requires continued attention be paid to civic trust. In the face of deepening political polarization and social distrust, the Victoria Forum is engaging civic institutions, governments, business and the media in overcoming sectarian and ideological divides in society.

SDG 17 - Building Partnerships to accomplish the SDGs

The complex challenges facing humanity cannot be solved by any one sector. As an organization that promotes cross-sector collaboration, the Victoria Forum convenes leaders and innovators from government, business, civil society and academia to develop integrated, multi-scalar interventions on critical issues. Beginning with a partnership with CIFAL Victoria – part of the UNITAR network – we are in the process of joining several SDG-focused networks in Canada and globally in order to contribute and learn from others' work on these issues.

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