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Victoria FOrum 2022

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Day One

Sunday, August 28, 2022
Downtown Victoria and Songhees Wellness Centre

Day Two

Monday, August 29, 2022
University of Victoria

Covid-19 has highlighted the magnitude of inequalities and their spread worldwide. It has also shone a spotlight on the many ways in which these inequalities are interconnected and lead to people the world over becoming marginalised and socially excluded. Any pathways toward our common goals of people, planet, and prosperity will need to place action on social exclusion at their heart.

Featuring: Ilona Kickbusch, Oliver Schmidtke, and Paul Genest.

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Humanity faces the dual risk of climate change and loss of natural capital and biodiversity, leading to what scientists call the “sixth mass extinction;” where as much as half of all present species could be extinct by 2100.

Featuring Don Shafer, Kresse Wesling and Balgis Osman Elasha 

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Inequalities are not only driven and measured by income, but are affected by other factors: gender, age, origin, ethnicity, disability, sexual orientation, class, and religion. These factors determine inequalities between countries and lead to economic divides. Poverty is expected to remain a tenacious challenge for middle-and low-income countries. Identifying who is excluded and why is a first step in assessing inequalities.


· Why does our current economic system produce extremes of wealth and poverty? How entrenched are they?

· What are the recent patterns and drivers of economic inequalities globally/in specific regions or Countries?

· What are the key factors limiting inclusive and sustainable economic opportunities (such as access to quality/decent jobs, markets, assets, finance, etc.)?

· How can we reduce economic inequality among disadvantaged groups and vulnerable regions?

Featuring: Shelagh Rogers, Pedro Antunes, Carol Ann Hilton and Ricardo Hausmann.

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• Forced Migration and Displacement of Peoples 
• Getting to net-zero and climate positive 
• Business and Business Schools Bridging Divides

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• Global Business School Network Essay Competition 
• Access to Quality Healthcare 
• Supply Chain Resilience and Sustainability


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Day Three

Tuesday, August 30, 2022
University of Victoria

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  • Developing an agenda for worker voice in Canada in the 21st century


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  • Citizens Disempowered by Constraints on Civil Society
  • Regenerating Natural Capital and Enhancing Biodiversity
  • STEM Graduate Employability/Entrepreneurship in Africa: Harnessing the 4IR to Africa’s Advantage
  • The promise of democratic innovations for student voice in universities

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