The Victoria Forum 2022

Bridging Divides:

Turf, Truth and Trust

Victoria Forum 2022 highlights

Over the three days, we had over 500 individuals connect with the Forum to tackle some difficult issues and discuss solutions for bridging economic, social and environmental divides.

We have had excellent feedback about the quality of the dialogue and witnessed the passion people feel about making the world a better place. We have lots to do on that front, but thanks to your efforts, we took a significant step forward.

We look forward to continuing the discussion and are preparing a report that we will share with the public later. In the meantime, please view the recordings from the plenary sessions below. 

Victoria Forum 2022 Report


Bridging divides in our society through

Constructive and evidence based conversations

The Victoria Forum is co-hosted by The University of Victoria and the Senate of Canada. The objective of the Victoria Forum is to bring people together to bridge divides in our society. 

Face-to-face discussions in Victoria, BC with Online Plenary Sessions

3 days of discussions

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