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The Victoria Forum 2024 - Building Trust for a Shared Future

Rosemary Thompson is the founding executive director of the Coalition for a Better Future, a broad-based organization representing 131 member organizations from almost every sector of Canadian society. For the past year, the Coalition has rallied the country around the need for a long-term plan for economic growth that is inclusive and sustainable. The Coalition’s goal is greater prosperity for all Canadians as we emerge from the pandemic. The Coalition is co-chaired by the remarkable Hon. Anne McLellan and Hon. Lisa Raitt. Thompson is a veteran of Canadian public policy debates and believes when differences are set aside the common good can be found to benefit Canadian citizens. Thompson served as a journalist for the CBC and as a long-time Parliamentary correspondent for CTV National News. She covered 7 election campaigns in Canada and the United States, and was on the lawn of the White House on the morning of 9/11. She has served as a senior executive at some of Canada’s largest media and cultural organizations.

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