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Victoria Forum 2024

What is the Victoria Forum Video Contest?

The Victoria Forum Video Contest is a video contest hosted by The Victoria Forum and the Global Business School Network (GBSN), in collaboration with Qatar University College of Economics and Business and Woxsen University. The competition challenges university students in the GBSN network and beyond to produce original, unpublished videos sharing experiences and perspectives to inspire efforts to build trust for a shared future.

In our inter-dependent world, a pervasive and increasing crisis of trust hinders progress and complicates our path forward. The Victoria Forum calls for collective action to combat the erosion of trust that has already occurred and build trust across the various divides that are hampering collective action. The Victoria Forum is looking for original videos that inspire efforts to build and rebuild trust. Entries should describe opportunities to drive change, as well as illuminate relevant causes of diminishing trust.

Contest organizers are seeking entries that are richly contextualized and real. Most importantly, they are seeking videos that have the potential to shift the conversation in meaningful ways and foster collective action.

Entries are accepted in each of the following four categories:

Trust in Instutions

Corruption, bias, and perceived disconnect plague institutions, challenging the foundations of trust and the global order.

Trust in Economic Systems

Economic inequality fuels social unrest, both between and within nations. Suspicion towards business entities challenges the development of trust in economic systems.

Trust & Conflict

Regional conflicts, human displacement, and geopolitical challenges strain trust between nations, requiring efforts to rebuild and foster trust.

Trust & the Digital Revolution

Despite connecting the world, the digital revolution and AI exacerbate divisions through misinformation, creating a decline in interpersonal trust.


Submissions Accepted: Monday July 15, 2024 – Wednesday, July 24, 2024


Email competitions@gbsn.org for more information.

In collaboration with

Woxsen University’s unique traits rest on the bedrock of innovative learning. Woxsen University is the flag-bearer of the First Private Universities in the young state of Telangana that is always bursting with energy and ideas. A pioneer in bringing new-age programs in various fields, Woxsen creates robust platforms for learners to power through change and embrace disruptive technology. Whether in Management, Technology, Design, Architecture, Liberal Arts or Law, School of Sciences, Woxsen is leading a new paradigm in education with adaptability and resilience. Woxsen comprises of 7 constituent schools offering Undergraduate, Postgraduate, Ph.D. programs, pivoted around research and experiential learning.

The College of Business and Economics undertakes the mission to be a provider of quality education and knowledge in the fields of business through quality teaching, research and community service. The programs and training offered by the College are responsive to changes in knowledge and business environment. The college was established in 1985 to provide high quality, applied business education in a collegial, intellectually stimulating and supportive learning and working environment. Guided by the university strategy and committed to innovative curriculums, and continuous improvement, the college seeks to offer undergraduate and graduates business programs that connect theory to practice, promote critical thinking, and engage students in active and collaborative learning.

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