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Brian Leacock joined the Gustavson School of Business in 2004. He holds a dual role with the faculty as both an assistant teaching professor and associate director of its International Office.

Brian teaches undergraduate and graduate courses to diverse student groups and brings a global/interdisciplinary orientation to the classroom. He places special attention on understanding and practically navigating our globalized world. In the classroom he strives to connect with students as individuals so as to nurture their development and be the inspiration for their growth. He recognizes that each student has his or her own unique personal aspirations, as well as learning style.

Brian’s role as associate director sees him leading a dedicated team that supports all aspects of the international orientation of the school, including leading one of the largest international programs in Canada (100+ international academic partnerships in 40 countries). Brian travels extensively and presents at national/international professional conferences on intercultural communication, language, and innovations in international education.

International understanding has long been Brian’s focus and he has dedicated his career to building global bridges via education.  This passion has taken him to many diverse locations, such as Guyana, Namibia, and Ghana to manage CIDA funded development projects.  Brian has lived overseas for 9 years (in Japan/China) and has travel the world.

Brian’s present emphasis is on furthering the vision of the Gustavson School of Business as a leading innovator in internationalization among Canadian business schools. In 2009, because of Brian’s innovative leadership within the university, he was awarded the coveted Gustavson Innovation in International Programs award.  In 2015 Brian was honoured with the Excellence in Teaching Award.

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