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The Victoria Forum 2024 - Building Trust for a Shared Future

Dan Ruscheinski, together with his wife and two sons, moved to Victoria after ten years in Calgary to join a local firm focused on solar energy solutions as Vice President of Sales. During his first four years in Victoria, Dan completed his Masters of Science in Climate Change and Sustainable Development to compliment his Bachelor of Commerce degree previously earned from the University of British Columbia. Prior to living in Calgary, Dan lived in Vancouver and discovered and fell in love with Victoria and Vancouver Island. He regularly visited the Island until moving to Victoria in 2008. A passionate advocate of the region, Dan believes strongly that the features of this area not only define its unique character, but provide immense potential for a very attractive future for all residents. Today, Dan is the Director of Sales Operations and Business Partners at Esri Canada, a global software company focused on mapping and spatial data analysis. Dan also is an active member of the South Island Prosperity Project, working to develop a strong, diversified local community.

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