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Anisha is the Director for Research and Innovation at Busara and is interested in all things research methods and data. She leads the portfolio of experimental research at Busara which is the bridge between academia and consulting, as well as, focuses on developing a network of decision labs to contribute to evidence based approaches in the Global South. She also leads development and implementation of creative and innovative research products – at the core of this is exploring what it means for data to be inclusive and how to conduct research that supports the dignity of research participants. She is passionate about taking research beyond a ‘cultural and gender lens’ and bringing context, cultures and gender to the forefront of research designs. Prior to joining Busara, Anisha worked at IFMR LEAD in India expanding financial access, opportunities and capabilities. Anisha holds an MSc in Social Cognition: Research and Applications  from the University College London, UK and a BSc in Economics from the Singapore Management University, Singapore.

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