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Nadia Turki is a London-based Arab journalist, biographer and poet.

Currently Nadia is the Editor of Almajalla Magazine, and CEO of the International Academy of Media and Diplomacy, a visiting professor at Sterling Univesity.She give trainings in media and Diplomacy. From 2010 to 2015, Nadia was the Senior Editor in the Political Section of Alsharq Al Aswat (Middle East). She has interviewed many senior Arab and international politicians and business people.

She is the biographer of M. Cherif Bassiouni, a leading figure in human rights and international law. Nadia regularly hosts and participates in BBC Arabic programs including “7 Days”, “Open Agenda” and “Talk Time”.

Her poetry includes the book “The Vision” and, for many years, she wrote a daily column in the “Al-Arab” newspaper titled “Reflections of a Woman”.

In 2015, Nadia founded the International Academy of Media and Diplomacy (IAMD), and she serves as its President.

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