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Stacey Fitzsimmons joined the Gustavson School of Business in 2014. She brings a passion for helping individuals and organizations understand the strengths of a diverse workforce and encourages organizations to consider bicultural and multicultural individuals as a resource and an opportunity. Stacey’s’ research objective is to improve the way people work with others across cultures.

Her current research examines how bicultural and multicultural employees contribute to global teams and organizations. She is also interested in how organizational contexts, such as workforce demographics and organizational culture, influence bicultural employees. This research can help organizations design policies and practices that leverage the often unrecognized resources available among multicultural employees. Stacey’s research has been published in Academy of Management Review, Journal of International Business Studies, Human Resource Management Review, Organization Studies, and Organizational Dynamics. She won the 2016 Emerging Scholar award from the Women in the Academy of International Business, and the International Human Resources Scholarly Research award from the Academy of Management, for most significant contribution to international human resources management in 2013.

Stacey teaches in the areas of international management, organizational behaviour and human resources, at undergraduate and graduate levels. Prior to joining the University of Victoria, she was an assistant professor at Western Michigan University.

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