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Dr. Tamara Krawchenko is an Assistant Professor in the School of Public Administration and member of UVic’s Institute for Integrated Energy Systems with expertise in comparative public policy and territorial development. Her scholarship examines the unique needs of places and how public policies and institutions of governance shape lived realities and outcomes. What is the right scale of governance; how do we understand territorial inequalities what can we do to tackle them; how do we design public policies that work for different kinds of places and; what is the capacity of different places to meet some the greatest challenges of our time such as climate change adaptation and mitigation and transitioning to post carbon economies? These are of the issues she tackles in her work.

Dr. Krawchenko has conducted comparative public policy research in over a dozen countries and has authored over 60 articles, books and reports. In addition to her scholarly work on such topics as coastal climate change, rural development, transportation and transit governance and intergenerational equity, she has also published her work in Policy Options, the OECD Observer, and contributed to the Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives. As a policy analyst specializing in regional development at the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development in Paris (2015-2019) she advised governments on a range of topics including rural policy (Poland), regional development (Greece, Kazakhstan, Sweden), the governance of land use (Czech Republic, France, the Netherlands, Poland) and Indigenous economic development (Canada and Sweden). She has also worked for both the federal and provincial governments in Canada and for a number of research institutes and universities in Canada, Ukraine and Kyrgyzstan as a professor and researcher.

Dr. Krawchenko is presently leading two SSHRC-funded research projects: i) “How can we manage a just energy transition? A comparative review of policies to support the just transition from carbon intensive industries” and ii) “Canada’s ‘left behind’ places: Understanding rural and small town economic restructuring and government policy responses.” Dr. Krawchenko holds a PhD in Public Policy and Political Economy from Carleton University, a Masters degree in Public Administration from Dalhousie University and a Bachelor’s degree in History and Political Science from Dalhousie University.


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